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Private Riding Lesson $40
Semi Private $35
Group Lesson $30
1/2 Hour Lunge Lesson $25
V2 Private Reining Lesson $50

Boarding and Training

Lease Option
Prepares you for owning a horse. Comes with a lesson per week.
Horses will need to be available for lessons.
Times will be posted. You will have the first right
to show or purchase a leased horse.
Board - In Big Barn $450
Board - In Middle Barn $350-$400
Board - Pasture $200
Training $350
V2 Maintenance Training - Includes weekly lesson and riding tune-ups. $725
Purchase of Sales or Horse Commission 10%
V2 Training $775

Shows and Extras

Show Lease - If horse is not in barn lease program. $25
Hauling Fees - 60 per mile on over 100 miles.  
Cedar Rapids Kirkwood $75
Fairgrounds $25
Trainer's Instructor's Day Fee $35
Other Show Expenses
Hotel costs if out of town will be divided amongst clients showing.

V2 Reining Horses

Contact Barn Phone 563-424-0734, Mike Davis 319-404-2270
or Tami Schiltz 563-343-7562

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