Veritas Stables

Welcome to Veritas Stables of Davenport, Iowa. We welcome you to browse our web site to learn more about us and what we do here. Whether you are looking to take your first lesson, or find a place for your horse to stay, or even to come to one of our many fun and educational events, you will find a fun-filled, family-friendly home at Veritas. Thank you for stopping by!

Veritas was started in 1998. The goal has always been to provide a quality facility with a “horseman’s approach” to riding, showing, training and caring for horses. It is our hope that people who get started at Veritas will develop a lifelong enjoyment of horses. Students have the opportunity to learn from the ground up, our goal is to provide them with the confidence of knowing how to read a horse, develop feel, improve their horse, find the right horse and set personal goals, they can learn to compete in the AQHA style of riding and showing, compete in the sport of reining , learn to train a horse or just safely learn how to handle the trails. Most important is to find enjoyment with their horse in an environment with other horseman.

At Veritas, we believe in providing you with a complete horse riding experience. Whether you're a beginner or looking to move up in the horse world, we can help.

We are located on the edge of Davenport, IA, just east of I-74. To get there, exit I-74 east on 53rd Street, turn left at Utica Ridge Road, and head north about 1 1/2 miles. We're on the right side of the road, just past I-80. A map is available here.

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Veritas Stables

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