Familiar Faces at V2 Training Horses

Joyce NuembergerJoyce Nuernberger:

Joyce stepped into the show pen for the first time in 2010. We think she is hooked! The timing is perfect. With her daugher, Mary, off to college, it's Joyce's time to enjoy riding and showing!

Brian FleckBryan Fleck

With his mare, "Wimpys Coco Step," Bryan is really putting the pieces together! We are really looking forward to seeing them in the show pen in 2011.

Lisa ForgieLisa Forgie

Lisa stepped into the NRHA arena for the 1st time in 2010 and are looking forward to the 2011 show season. Lisa says reining is "way more fun than Western Pleasure!"

Tami SchiltzTami Schiltz:

With Mike’s help, Tami spent much of 2008 learning how to train and prepare a 3-year-old to show. She took Carolina Boogie to the NRHA Futurity in December, and completely enjoyed the experience. She was amazed to see how she and her horse came together, and looks forward to going again!

Delmar AlbrechtDelmar Albrecht:

Tami often says that the barn exists because of Delmar. While everyone smiles, the statement isn’t far from the truth. Delmar has done much to inspire horsemen in the Quad City area and pursue the sport of reining. He has spent countless hours donating his time and horses to teach anyone with a desire to learn. His gift of time is priceless to anyone who has rode with him, and we’re so glad to have had the opportunity to learn from him!

Megan Morris

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About V2 Reining Horses

Mike Davis and Tami SchiltzV2 Reining Horses was founded in 2007 by good friends Tami Schiltz and Mike Davis.

Mike and Tami strive to share and promote their passion for the horse and its abilities with people in Iowa and the Midwest.

With the increasing growth in reining, Tami and Mike hope to represent quality horses trained in Mike Davis Reining Program. They are one of the leading sources of reining horses in the Midwest, bringing in the best bloodlines from around the globe. They also aspire for V2 Reining Horses to become the home of talented horsemen and women pursuing competitive goals. Together with Mike's winning training program and his ability to coach, we will enjoy the success of everyone who comes through the barn.

Above all, Mike and Tami believe in operating their business with a high standard of integrity and long-lasting relationships. While we strive to be competitive, we also enjoy our time at work and play, and build lasting friendships with those who come through our barn. Many of the riders here have been with us for years, starting at Veritas Stables as youngsters and eventually moving up to ride reining horses at V2.

Our Facility

Our Facility


Tami Schiltz and FamilyTami especially wants to thank her husband Dave and her two sons, Nick, now 21, and Luke, 17, for all the long hours spent at the farm and all the years of support financially, emotionally, and quite often physically. "I love you guys and could not have done any of this with out you. Veritas and V2 has become a very special place for so many."

Our motto: "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." - Proverbs 27:17

Not Pictured:

Dr. Jim Smith, In-House Vet: Dr. Jim Smith has years of experience working with reining horses. He is proactive in taking a preventative approach, and he has helped us buy with confidence and is grounded in integrity.

Cody Sherer, Farrier: Cody Sherer has been a valued friend and right hand to our operation. He has worked closely and successfully with Dr. Jim Smith Cody is always eager to try something and has a passion to learn.

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